The Battle for Britain 2016

The Battle for Britain 2016



Just as Nero fiddled while the Roman empire burned down around him, millennium years down our Island empire redoubts, ‘ Heil Cameron ‘ fiddles his books, & donates billion’s to global dictators leaving England to rapidly succumb to the incurable plague’s of Europe !



WWII : JUNE 1940 <> SEPT 1940

Over a bare four months period some 76 Yrs ago, England took on the full might of the collective European dictatorship’s in sole defense of our Sovereign island, and to free the Sovereign nations across the world of barbarism and tyranny. In this all too brief 120 days we stood alone !

WW III is now upon us  – not in the form of full-scale combat, but in a more deadly and insidiously creeping plague from Islamic terrorism …. the barbarians are at the gate, and not just our Island is under global 5th columnist attack, but the whole of our Island christian civilisation, and over 2,000 years of Sovereign democracy too !

And why is this so ?  ….. Appeasement !!




John Major & Tony Blair between them handed over our Island civilisation plus all Sovereign & Parliamentary democratic powers to the corrupt bureaucratic dictators of Brussels, Strassebourg, and EU courts 20+ Yrs ago !  Cameron has shown himself to be not only a closet European 5th columnist to further his own private agenda’s as was Blair before him, but also a duplicitous hypocrite in pursuit of maximising a seriously wealthy silver-spoon coterie of rapaciously greedy family & friends !!

BREXIT –  The Ultimate Battle for a Sovereign Britain !

23 June 2016 .. England & UK civilised democracy plus national security protection against terrorist attack slaughters are on the line in some 70 Days time from now  !

Cameron and his bunch of traitorous UK saboteurs are trying to achieve what Guy Fawkes, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, and every other tin-pot invading dictators could not achieve collectively   ……. the subjugation and demise of all UK dominions for ever and a day !

This is the last and only rallying call-to-arms of every British & Commonwealth nationals to change the course of history ! If we don’t vote BREXIT now, we will never be given another chance again !!!

Let’s face the facts ……. Would anyone trust Cameron to protect our country in light of his past record, and especially so after these past few days of duplicity & deceit ? Any normal person with just a modicum of CSE education wouldn’t trust him, or iffy Osborne, to empty their refuse bins !

Expat’s worldwide have the right to vote by Post, Online, or via Proxy regardless of how ,amy years they have lived overseas !   ….. It will not affect your tax status nor offshore liability ! However, if you don’t vote to get rid of Europe by voting BREXIT, and Cameron wins the EU STAY vote by about 3.00%, be very seriously assured that your State pension and right to NHS benefits from 2017 onward will be substantially dimi-nished while every illegal alien & sleeping terrorist cell benefits will be protected under EU courts of law !!!!!


RegisterToVote.Service.Gov.Uk or

You can download all various registration documents in PDF Format herewith or via the following link:


Don’t wait too long  …. Queen & country needs your vote !!!!!